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Columbia Country Florida - FYFST

Columbia County

Columbia County is lies near the Georgia border. The county has an estimated population of 58,000 .Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is the main law enforcement of the county, being responsible for most of the criminal violations that occur .The Florida Highway Patrol are the ones responsible for enforcing all the traffic laws and they are very proactive. Columbia County has a zero tolerance for speeding motorists and in fact last year, over 7,000 speeding tickets were issued. Other violations included aggressive driving, failure to stop at a red light, as well as driving without a red light.


Florida Highway Patrol will use a variety of measure to catch as many speeding motorists as possible. They have been known to use speed traps, the use of pacing, marked and unmarked cars as well as aircraft. The only police department in Columbia County is Lake City Police who does assist both the Florida Highway Patrol as well as the sheriff’s office. The three departments work together and rather aggressivly to enforce the laws of the county.


The county seat of this county is located in Lake City. The only county judge of the county is Judge Tom Coleman. The courthouse is located in Lake City as well and is part of the 3rd judicial circuit. Before you take your chances against Judge Tom Coleman, why not call our offices first? We have a team of experienced lawyers waiting to assist you. Let us fight your criminal or traffic violation that you have received in Columbia County today. Call our offices at 1-800-Fight-It.


We can handle cases for people who have been issued a citation or are facing criminal charges in the following areas, Fort White, Lake City, Five Points and Watertown. Do not take the chance of not speaking with an experiences lawyer. We are available right now and there is no fee to speak with us.


Legal Resources For Columbia County

  • Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

435 Northwest Hall of Fame Drive. Lake City. FL. ( 386) 719-5595

  • Columbia County Courthouse

135 NE Hernando Ave. #203. Lake City. FL ( 386) 755- 4100

  • Lake City Police Department

225 Northwest Main Blvd. Lake City. FL ( 386) 752-4344

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