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Florida LIDAR & Laser Speeding Tickets - FYFST

florida_lidar_ticketLaser speed guns are an additional way that law enforcement agencies can catch motorists who may not be following the posted speed limits in the state of Florida. While radar is the device of choice, many law enforcement agencies, such as Florida Highway Patrol have also been known to use laser guns. One of the most common laser devices that are used in Florida would be the Pro Laser III made by Kustom Electronics, Inc. The reason that this one is so popular is due to the wide range of 1,000 feet that is able to obtained using this laser device. If you have been cited for speeding anywhere in the state of Florida, you may to give our office a call, especially if you were caught speeding with a Pro Laser III. Attorney David Haenel has hand’s on experience with this device. In fact, he owns a Pro Laser III and is very familiar with the in’s and out’s of this device. Why trust your license with anyone else, call our offices today at 941-444-4444.

This particular laser speed measuring device also offers the law enforcement agencies an audible tone that will alert them to your speed. The officers simply hold the Pro Laser III, look through the HUD device and squeeze the trigger and are able to accurately monitor one’s speed. The device allows them to select a certain traffic area or location and the the Pro Laser III will only pick up the area that the law enforcement officer has selected. This device can be used by law enforcement officers on a motorcycle or through a car window of the patrol car. These are said to be highly accurate with an accuracy rate of +1 mph. In addition to the Pro Laser III, Kustom Electronics Inc, also makes Pro Laser II as well as Pro-Lite Plus.

Another one of the most common laser devices that you will see used in the state of Florida are the products made from Laser Atlanta Optics, Inc. Laser Atlanta Optics has been providing laser products for use by law enforcement personnel since 1989 and make several approved speed measuring devices for use in Florida. These include Speed Laser, Speed Laser B, Speed Laser R and Speed Laser S. All of these models are common for use by local law enforcement agencies as well as Florida Highway Patrol.

Laser Technology, Inc is another company who provides laser devices for use of measuring one’s speed. Laser Technology was the first company to furnish law enforcement departments all over the world with the first laser speed gun. Since that time, Laser Technology also known as LSI, has been contuinely working to upgrade and ensure that there products are top notch. The make several different models that have been approved for use in the state of Florida. These include Marksman/LTI 20/20, Ultralyte LTI 20/20 Lidar, Ultralyte 100LR and 200LR, Ultralyte LR B and LTI 20/20 Truspreed.

The last manufacturer that is approved to issue laser guns to the law enforcement personalle of Florida is Applied Concepts, Inc. They only issue one laser gun, as their focus is more on radar, and that device is the Stalker Lidar.

The state of Florida is aggressive when it comes to speeding motorists, and are not shy about issuing citations and tickets for those who are caught speeding. If you have received a speeding ticket anywhere in the state of Florida, you will need an experienced lawyer who will fight for you. Our team of experienced lawyers is standing by to assist you and can be reached at 941-444-4444. We can be reached 24 hours a day. Call us so we can help to save your license today.

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