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M.P.H. Traffic Ticket Radar - FYFST

mph_radarIn the state of Florida, there are many different types of methods that law enforcement agencies will use to monitor one’s speed. One of the most common approved speed measurement devices is the use of radar guns. Radar guns can be small hand held devices, mounted on the interior of a police car, used from aircraft as well as being mounted onto one of the motorcycles that Florida Highway Patrol commonly uses. Not all radar devices are alike, and there are many different manufacturers who supply the law enforcement agencies with these devices. One of the common ones used by the police departments in Florida are made from M.P.H. Industries, Inc.

One of the most common radar devices that are used in Florida is the Bee III and Bee-36 radar devices and these are made by M.P.H. Industries. The Bee III is one of the smallest radar devices that are currently available. There small size allows the use of these particular devices to be used just about anywhere, from mounting on a police car dashboard, to being able to mount on a motorcycle as well. One of the reasons that these are one of the more common devices that are used by the law enforcement agencies in Florida, is due to something called POP terminology. This is a patent pending technology that will allow the law enforcement radar to go detect fast moving cars, without setting off those personal radar devices that many people do have in their own vehicles. This gives the law enforcement a huge one step ahead of the rest of us. The Bee III also allow agencies like Florida Highway Patrol to be able to select targets in either direction as well as being to attach the smallest K- Band antenna. All of these provide a great advantage to the law enforcement of Florida, and if you have been issued a moving citation in the state of Florida, you will need an experienced lawyer.

Did you know that our law office has extensive knowledge off all the approved devices that are currently in use in the state of Florida. Attorney David Haenel owns two of the radar devices that are approved for use in Florida. So if you find yourself in need of an experienced lawyer, who better than David and his team of lawyers? Please call us at 941-444-4444 so that we can discuss the particulars of your case.

M.P.H has been supplying law enforcement agencies with radar and other devices for the last 25 years. The models that are currently approved in the State of Florida are as follows, K-15K(1986 Model), K-15, K-15 II, MPH Speedgun (K-band), K-55k, BEE- 36, Bee II, Enforcer, Python, Z-15, Z-25, Z-35, Python III Standard and Python III Fastest Speed.

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