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Clay County Florida - FYFST

Clay County

Clay County is located in Northeast Florida. The population of the county is estimated to be around 140,000. The law enforcement agencies of Clay County are very aggressive. Just last year there were over 22,000 moving violations were issued and most of these where due to unlawful speed. There are three main law enforcement agencies that are responsible for issuing these citations as well as many others. They are the Green Cove Police Department, Middleburg Police Department and Orange Park Police Department. All 3 of these departments work very closely with both the Florida Highway Patrol and the Clay County Sheriff’s office to ensure the safety of the community.


Aside form the moving violations that were issued in the last year, close to 3,700 criminal infractions were also issued. These included a number of violations for the following offenses, driving with a suspended license, driving without a valid license as well as driving under the influence. If you receive 3 or more of these above offenses in a 3 year period, you will be considered a habitual offender. This can mean you will lose your license, do not let that happen to you, it may not be to late to save your license. Please call our offices at once and see how we can help you. We can be reached at 1-888-990-8585.


There are many times that we can appear for you in court, and you will not even have to be present. Each case is different, of course so a call to our office would be the first step. We have been servicing the residents of Clay for quite some time now and are very familiar with the local law enforcement of the area as well as the county’s only judge. The county judge is Judge Richard R. Townsend. The courthouse as well as the county seat is located in the town of Green Cove Springs. Clay County is part of the 4th judicial circuit.


Our team of experiences lawyers will fight hard for you. If you have been convicted of a criminal infarction or just need to speak with an lawyer regarding any case that may have occurred in Clay County, call us today. We cover the entire county of Clay which includes, Green Cove Springs, Keystone Heights, Orange Park, Penney Farms, Lake Asbury, Bellair- Meadowbrook Terrace, Belmore, Clay Hill, Doctor’s Inlet, Fleming Island, Lake Geneva, Lakeside, McRae, Middleburg, Virgina Village.



Legal Resources For Clay County

901 North Orange Ave. Green Cove Springs. FL ( 904) 264-6512

  • Clay County Courthouse

915 Walnut Street. Green Cove Springs. FL ( 904) 284- 6372

  • Green Cove Springs Police Department

205 Spring Street. Green Cove Springs. FL. ( 904 ) 529-2220

2025 Smith Street. Orange Park. FL. ( 904) 264-5555

Clay County Clerk of Courts

825 North Orange Ave.  P.O. Box 698  Green Cove Springs, FL 32043 (904) 269-6302

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