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Baker County - FYFST

Baker County

Baker County is  located in northern Florida. Baker County estimated population is said to be around 26.000. This rural county does lie close to Jacksonville, Florida. One of the main interstates, that are highly monitored by Florida Highway Patrol, is interstate 10.

It is very common to see speed traps and marked and unmarked cars long this major interstate. While  the county’s main law enforcement agency is the Baker County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol works along side the sheriff’s office to ensure all the law of the county are being met. In fact the Florida Highway Patrol is extremely aggressive and will use a variety of approved speed measurement devices to catch as many speeding motorists as possible. 
The Florida Highway Patrol was responsible for assisting the Sheriff’s department with issuing over 100 DUI violations  in the last year. Aside from the DUI violations many other criminal citations as well as moving violations were issued. Some of these included driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, speeding, leaving the scene of an accident and variety of other violations. If you have been issued a criminal or traffic violation in Baker County, our offices can help you. Our team of experienced lawyers have been handling cases for people in Baker County for quite some time now. Having an experienced lawyer can make or break your case, this is not a chance you will want to take. It may be possible to save your driver’s license, please call us at 1-800-fight-it, to discuss the facts surrounding your case.
Baker County lies  is part of the 8th judicial circuit and all cases are seen and heard by the county’s only judge. Judge Joesph M. Williams is the only county judge at this time. the court house is located at 339 East Macclenny Avenue, in Macclenny which is also the same town that the county seat is located in. 
We cover the cities of Glenn St. Mary and Maccleeny. On certain occasions, depending on the nature of your offense, you may not even need to present in the court room. Go ahead and give our office a call at 1-800-fight-it today and see how we can help you.

Legal Resources for Baker County
• Baker County Sheriff’s Office1 Sheriff’s Office Drive. Maccleeny, FL 32063. (904)259-3311 • Baker County Clerk’s Office339 East Maccleeny Ave. Maccleeny, FL 32063. ( 904)259-3121

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