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Okalossa County - FYFST

Okalossa County

Okalossa County is located in the panhandle of Florida. Okalossa County is bordered by Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico. The population of the county is right around 185,000. The county has 4 local police departments who will all work very closely with Okalossa Sheriff’s Office. The 4 police departments are Crestview Police Department, Fort Walton Beach Police Department, Niceville Police Department, and the Valparasio Police Department. Like most of the counties within the state of Florida, all of the law enforcement agencies do work side by side with Florida Highway Patrol.


Okalossa County is very proactive when it comes to catching motorists who may be speeding. The past year over 35,000 moving violations where issued for the county. More than half of these were due to unlawful speed. Florida Highway Patrol, along with the local police departments, use speed traps, marked and unmarked cars equipped with laser and radar guns, as well as aircraft to catch as many motorists as possible.


Okalossa County law enforcement agencies also have a no tolerance for people who violate Florida statute 322.34 and Florida statue 322.03. These are driving while license is suspended and driving without a valid drivers license. Both of these 2 violations can lead to a habitual offender. Do not let that happen to you, call our offices at once to see how we can help you. We can be reached at 1-800-Fight-it.


Okalossa County is part of the 1st Judical Circuit, and has 3 county judges that will hear your case. The county judges are Judge James A. Ward, Judge T.Patt Maney, and Judge Patricia Grinsted. The county seat is Crestview.


If you are facing criminal charges or have been issued a citation in any of the following locations, we can help. We handle cases in the following locations, Cinco Bayou, Crestview, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Laurel Hill, Mary Esther, Niceville, Shalimar, Valaparaiso, Eglin Airforce Base, Blackman, Deerland, Seminole, Lake Lorraine, Ocean City, Wright, Baker, Holt, and Milligan.

Legal Resources For Okalossa County

  • Okalossa County Sheriff’s Office

1250 Eglin Parkway. Shalimar, FL. (850) 651-7400

  • Okalossa County Courthouse

101 East James Lee Blvd. Crestview, FL. (850) 689-5800

  • Crestview Police Department

321 West Woodruff Ave. Crestview, FL. (850) 682-3544

  • Fort Walton Beach Police Department

7 Hollywood Blvd. Fort Walton Beach, FL. (850) 833-9533

  • Niceville Police Department

212 North Partin Dr. Niceville, FL. (850) 729-4030

  • Valparasio Police Department

465 Valparsio Pkwy. Valparasio, FL. (850) 729-5400

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