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Kustom Signals Traffic Ticket Radar - FYFST

kustom_signals_radarIt is no secret that the state of Florida is very aggressive when it comes to catching speeding motorists. No matter what part of Florida you may be in, the chances are great that you have seen some speed traps, aircraft monitoring speed as well as patrol cars using radar to catch someone who may not be following the posted speed limits. There are many different types of radar devices that are available to assist the law enforcement agencies of Florida. These include hand held radar devices, radar devices that are mounted to dash of a police car as well as radar devices for motorcycles. Some of the newest and latest technology when it comes to radar also includes the use of video and sound, and some of these products are supplied by Kustom Electronics, Inc. They are responsible for making several devices that are approved for use in the state of Florida.

Kustom Electronics, Inc, whose headquarters are located in Kansas, have been supplying law enforcement with radar devices for over 40 years now. Kustom Electronics, Inc prides itself on the fact that they work very closely with major national organizations to ensure that there products are of the highest quality. The work with such agencies as the International Association of Chief’s of Police an the National Institute of Standards and Technology to ensure that their devices are top notch. Much time and research goes into making their radar devices as accurate as possible. This is bad news for motorists who have been issued speeding violations in Florida. Well, unless you have a team of experienced lawyers fighting for you. Our office is very experienced with all the speed measuring devices that are currently beig used in the state of Florida. This means that we can help you fight your moving violations. Please call us today at 941-444-4444, so we can discuss the particulars of your case.

One of the most popular products that Kustom Electronics, Inc supplies to the law enforcement of Florida is the dashboard radar mount called Raptor RP-1. This particular model is able to be used in both vehicles and motorcycles. The model includes something called DuraTrak. DuraTrak enables law enforcement to use target bars in order to select certain vehicles. This device will let the officer now which car is traveling at which speed and the location of that vehicle in reference to the patrol car. This model can also be integrated with in car video and can be set to always target the fastest moving cars. The Raptor RP-1 has a very wide range as well, it can target moving vehicles in either direction and does work with accuracy over a divided highway. This device is very up to date when it comes to technology and is often used by Florida Highway Patrol.

Kustom Electronics, Inc is responsible for making the following models. All of these models are approved speed measuring devices in the state of Florida. The models are, KR-10SP- F, KR- 10SP, Falcon -F, Falcon, Trooper, Trooper-F, Hawk, Pro-1000, Pro-1000DS, K-Band, KA- Band, Silver Eagle K-A Band, Silver Eagle KA-Band, Golden Eagle K-Band, Golden Eagle KA- Band, HR-12, Talon, Directional Golden Eagle KA-band, Golden Eagle Plus, Eagle II Plus- DCM Antenna, Eagle II DCM Antenna, Golden Eagle II-DCM Antenna, Directional Golden Eagle II, Talon II, Eagle II plus KA, Eagle II, Falcon HR- Stationary, Falcon HR- Moving, Talon- Directional, and Raptor RP-1

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