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Decatur Traffic Ticket Radar - FYFST

decatur_traffic_ticket_radarThe state of Florida is very proactive and quite aggressive when it comes to dealing with speeding motorists. There are many different ways that the law enforcement agencies of Florida measure motorists speed and one of them is with products that are offered from Decatur Electronics. Decatur Electronics is the oldest manufacturer of police radar systems. As the times change, so does the technology that is used in the radar devices. Decatur Electronics prides themselves on always being on step ahead of their competition. While this is good news for the law enforcement agencies, it may not be as good news for motorists who were caught speeding using of the many radar devices supplied by Decatur Electronics. The good news is if you have been issued a citation for speeding in the state of Florida, our team of experienced lawyers is here to assist you. Please call us at 941-444-4444 so we can discuss the particulars of your case.

Decatur Electronics makes a variety of devices that are used by the law enforcement agencies in Florida. They make dashboard radar, hand-held radar as well as radar that can be equipped on a motorcycle. Ever see Florida Highway Patrol on motorcycles? Good chance that these motorcycles are equipped with some of the motorcycle radar devices that are issued by Decatur Electronics. The Genesis II has been specially designed for police departments all over the world and is used in the state of Florida. This device is designed for motorcycle use and is said to be very accurate. The Genesis II has a fast tracking mode and is able to detect certain targets. What this means is that this little hand held device will pick up the fastest traveling car in a certain distance. A higher range of radar means more moving violations being issued. Florida as a whole is already very tough on speeding motorists, and these devices make it easier for the law enforcement to catch as many speeding motorists as possible.

The Genesis II is also available in a dashboard mount, and is very commonly used in Florida. These are available with many advanced features such as directional antennas. The antennas can be used for local in town driving, 4 lane highways as well as being able to select certain vehicles. Since the Genesis II can be used on 4 lane highways, this means that is can target cars in both directions. So just because you saw a police car on the opposite side of the highway, does not mean they are not targeting you.

The bottom line is simple for residents of Florida. If you find yourself being issued one of the many violations that issued annually, you will need an experienced lawyer on your side. Florida is aggressive when it comes to speeding motorists, so shouldn’t you have an aggressive lawyer on your side as well? Our office is experienced with the many types of radar devices that are used in the state. In fact one of our lawyers, David Haenel owns a few different radar devices. So call our office today at 941-444-4444 and let our experience and familiarity with all the approved speed measuring devices in the state of Florida work for you.

Decatur Electronics makes several radar devices. These include the following models, MVF 724, KF-1, Genesis I, Genesis II,Genesis HandHeld, Genesis VP, Genesis VP Directional, Genesis GHD, Genesis II Select and Genesis II Directional.

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