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DeSoto County Florida - FYFST

DeSoto County

DeSoto County is small county located about 50 miles east of Bradenton, Florida. The population of the county is said to be around 32,000. Since the county is so small, the law enforcement agencies have plenty of time to enforce the laws. DeSoto County officials are very aggressive and proactive. DeSoto County Sheriff’s office are the main law enforcement personnel for the county and each year many motorists find themselves dealing with the aggressive DeSoto Sheriff’s Office. More than 80 percent of citations that have been issued in DeSoto County have been to driving at excessive speeds. Aside from the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office the county also depends on Arcadia Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol to monitor and enforce the traffic laws of the county.


All three of the above mentioned law enforcement departments use speed traps, radar and laser guns, marked and unmarked patrol cars as well as aircraft in hopes to catch as many people as possible. Some of the citations that have been issued in the last year were due to speeding, aggressive driving, driving with a suspended license and driving while under the influence.


The county seat, where one will find the courthouse, the sheriff’s office as well as the police department, is located in Arcadia. The county has 2 judges, one is the county judge and the other is the circuit court judge. The county judge is Judge Don T. Hall and the circuit judge is Judge James Parker. DeSoto County is part of the 12th judicial circuit.


Our team of experienced lawyers have been practicing in DeSoto County for years and through those years we have become very familiar with the Judges as well as the police department officers. If you are facing criminal charges or have some moving violations that you need to take care, doesn’t it makes sense to have a lawyer who is familiar with the individuals of the county? Our team of lawyers will help fight for you and all you need to do is give our office a call today at 1-800-fight-it .


We can provide legal services to those who have been cited in the entire county of DeSoto. These include, Arcadia, Brownville, Deep Creek, Fort Ogden, Hull, Lake Suzy, Nocatee Pine Level and Southeast Arcadia.



Legal Resources For DeSoto County

208 East Cypress Street. Arcadia. FL (863) 993-4700

  • DeSoto County Courthouse

115 East Oak Street. Arcadia. Fl (863) 993-4876

  • Arcadia Police Department

17 North Polk Ave. Arcadia. FL (863) 993-4660

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