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Stalker Traffic Ticket Radar - FYFST

stalker_traffic_radarOne of the ways that law enforcement agencies in the state of Florida catch speeding motorists is through the use of radar guns. One of the popular manufacturers of radar guns commonly used by Florida Highway Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies are from Applied Concepts Inc. Applied Concepts Inc, who does business as Stalker Radar, has been making radar devices for the last 33 years. Applied Concepts introduced the first radar device for use by law enforcement personnel in 1989. Since that time they are continuing to stay up to date with the latest technology.

The Stalker DSR, which is commonly used in the state of Florida, is considered to be one the most effective forms of measuring speed. One of the reasons that this is considered to be one of the most effective forms of measuring one’s speed is due to the moving technology features that is has. What this means is that device is able to sense which direction the motorist is coming from. What this also means is that one police can radio another to inform them of the speed and this can result in more moving citations being issued. If you have received a speeding ticket in the state of Florida, our offices can help. Did you know that Attorney David Haenel actually owns a Dual Stalker radar? He has spent much time testing it and is very familiar with the ins and outs of this particular model. Who better than to stand up and fight for you then someone who has personal experience with a radar device? David and his team of experienced lawyers are standing by to assist you. Please call our offices at 1-888-990-8585, to discuss the particulars surrounding your case.

The Dual Stalker, which Attorney David Haenel owns, is one of the industry standards when it comes to radar devices. Many of the law enforcement departments use this particular model.

The Dual Stalker is said to be one of the most accurate devices that are currently used by the law enforcement agencies of the state of Florida. Although nothing is 100 percent accurate, this one comes close with a range of plus or minus 2 MPH. While that may not seem like a lot to the average person, this difference can change the type of moving citation that one is issued. The best way to ensure that your legal case is handled properly when it comes to radar devices is to have a team of experienced lawyers fighting for you. Do not delay any longer, give our offices a call at 941-444-4444.

There are many different types of radar devices that Applied Concepts, Inc provides. These include the following, Stalker, Stalker Dual, Model Stalker Dual SL, Stalker DSR, Stalker Basic, DSR2X, Stalker II MDR, and Stalker II SDR. At the current time these are the approved one that are able to be used in the state of Florida.

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