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Gadsden County Florida - FYFST

Gadsden County


Gadsden County is located within the panhandle of Florida. Gadsden County has a population of around 45,000 and is the only predominately African American county in the state of Florida. Gadsden County has 5 major police departments and all of the police departments work very closely with both the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol. The 5 police departments are from the towns of Chattahoochee, Greensboro, Gretna, Havana and Quincy. Gadsden County has a very strict and little tolerance for people who do not obey the speed limits. If you have been cited in the county of Gadsden County, there is no doubt that you will need an experienced lawyer on your side. Our law firm has been dealing with cases in Gadsden County for quite some time now and would like to assist you.


Last year alone Florida Highway Patrol was responsible for issuing over 7,000 speeding tickets. The use various methods to catch motorists who may be speeding. These can include speed traps, use of marked or unmarked cars, pacing, radar and laser guns as well as the use of aircraft. Florida Highway Patrol was also responsible for issuing over 2000 criminal citations as well. Most of these included driving with a suspended licensee and driving without a valid license.


The county seat of Gadsden County is Quincy. The county currently has one judge that will preside over all cases. The judge is Judge Kathy L. Garner. Gadsden County is part of the 2nd judicial circuit of Florida. The courthouse is also located in Quincy. Did you know that our team of lawyers is very familiar and experienced with the only judge of Gadsden County? If you have any legal issues to discuss that have occurred in Gadsden County, please do not hesitate to call our office today. We can be reached at 1-800-Fight-It. There is no obligation to speak to someone from our team, so go ahead and call today.


We serve the entire county of Gadsden. This includes Chattahoochee, Greensboro, Gretna, Havana, Midway and Quincy.


Legal Resources For Gadsden County

  • Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office

339 East Jefferson Street. Quincy. FL. (850) 627-9233

  • Gadsden County Courthouse

10 East Jefferson Street. Quincy. FL. (850) 875-8601

  • Chattahoochee Police Department

32 Jefferson Street. Chattahoochee. FL.(850) 663-4383

  • Greensboro Police Department

150 South 11th Street. Greensboro. FL. (850) 442-9342

  • Gretna Police Department

14615 Main Street. Gretna. FL. (850) 856-9460

  • Havana Police Department

121 E 7th Ave. Havana. FL. (850) 539-2800

  • Quincy Police Department

121 East Jefferson Street. Quincy. FL (850) 875-7335

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