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Calhoun Country Florida - FYFST

Calhoun County

Calhoun County is located in the panhandle of Florida. Calhoun County is a rural area with less than 13,000 as the population. Calhoun County, like many of the counties in Florida, are very aggressive when it comes to enforcing the laws. Although the county is small, the law enforcement agencies are not shy about issuing both criminal and moving violations. The two major police departments that reside within Calhoun County are the Altha Police Department and the Blountstown Police Department. It is important to note that Florida Highway Patrol and the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office are the ones who are responsible for issuing the majority of the infractions that occur in the county. In the past few years more and more violations have been issued for such offenses as driving with a suspended license and driving without a valid licensee. If you receive three of these violations in a three year period, you may be considered an habitual offender. Once you are considered an habitual offender you will have to wait a period of 5 years before you can drive again but did you know that with an experienced lawyer on your side, one can apply for a hardship license in Calhoun County? If you have been convicted of a habitual traffic offense that has occurred in Calhoun County, please give our office a call today.


Blountstown is the county seat as well as where the courthouse as well as the police department and sheriff’s office are located. The courthouse is located at 20859 Central Ave and is part of the 14th judicial circuit. The county has one judge and this is Judge Kevin Grover. Calhoun County uses aircraft, unmarked cars, speed traps, as well as police cars to monitor the roads and ensure everyone traveling through the county are obeying the laws.


If you have a pending case or have been issued a traffic violation that has occurred in Calhoun County, give our office a call today. We are standing by to take your call and we have been serving the residents of Calhoun County for quite some time. Please call us so we can discuss the particulars of your case. We can be reached at 1-800-fight-it.


We cover the entire county of Calhoun which includes, Altha, Blountstown, Abe springs, Broad Branch, Chason, Chipola, Cox, Eufala, Fisher Corner, Frink, Gaskins, Henderson Mill, Iolee, Inard, Leonards, Marysville, McNeal, New Hope, Ocheesee Landing, Ocheeseulga, Pine Island, Rollins Corner, Scotts Ferry, Selman, Willis.



Legal Resources For Calhoun County

  • Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

20776 Central Ave East. Blountstown, FL. (850) 674-5049

  • Calhoun County Courthouse

20859 Central Ave East. Blountstown, FL. ( 850) 674-8305

  • Altha Police Department

25886 North Main Street. Altha, Fl ( 850) 762-3900

  • Blounstown Police Department

16908 NE Pear Street. Blountstown, FL. (850) 674-5987

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