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Franklin County Florida - FYFST

Franklin County

In the panhandle of Florida lies Franklin County. The county is small with a population just around 12,000. The county was named after Benjamin Franklin. The county has 2 major police departments that work hand in hand with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office to enforce all criminal and civil laws. The police departments are Apalachiocola Police Department and the Carrabelle Police Department. The law enforcement agency that is generally responsible for traffic violtions is the Florida Highway Patrol.


The county seat for Franklin County is Apalachicola. The county only has 2 judges that are responsible for hearing and overseeing your case. The county judge is Judge Van Russel and the circuit court judge is Judge James C. Hankinson. Our team of experienced lawyers have gone before both judges numerous times and can help you if you have pending charges against you. Franklin County lies within the 2nd judicial circuit. The only courthouse of the county is found in Apalachicola.


Florida Highway Patrol is very aggressive in Franklin County and most of the citations that have been issued in the past year where to motorists who were driving over the posted speed limits. One will find speed traps, winged aircraft, marked and unmarked cars and the use of laser and radar guns to monitor speed in Franklin County. Have you fallen mercy to the Florida Highway Patrol? Are you facing a criminal charge or have been issued moving violations? If you have, then all you need to do is call 1-800-fight-it. Let our years of experience dealing with the authorities in Franklin County go to work for you.


We handle cases in the following areas of Franklin County, Alligator Point, Bald Point, East Point, Lanark Village, St. Teresa, Cape St George Island, Dog Island, St George Island, St Vincent Island, and Fort Gadsden.


Legal Resources For Franklin County

  • Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

270 State Road 65. Eastpoint. FL (850) 670-4807

  • Franklin County Courthouse

34 Forbes Street #2. Apalachicola. FL. (850) 653-9505

  • Apalachicola Police Department

1 Avenue East. Apalachicola. FL. (850) 653-9432

  • Carrabelle Police Department

106 SE Avenue B. Carrabelle. FL. (850) 697-3691

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