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Bay County - FYFST

Bay County

Bay County is located within the panhandle of Florida. Bay County is home to many beautiful white sandy beaches. This has lead Bay County to become a popular vacation spot. Bay County is also home to such popular tourist cities such as Callaway, Cedar Grove, Lynn Haven, Mexico Beach, Panama City Beach, Laguna Beach and this is where you will find the infamous white sandy beaches. The law enforcements of Bay County have a zero tolerance for driving under the influence. The major law enforcement agency is the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. The other major local police departments include Panama City Police, Panama City Beach Police, Lynn Haven Police, Mexico City Police and Springfield Police.


The Bay County Sheriff’s along with municipality police agencies are responsible for handing out over 25,000 citations per year. Over 60 percent of these violations were issued for unlawful speed. Bay County is very aggressive when it comes to catching motorists who are traveling 10-13 miles over the posted speed limits. In Bay County, Florida Highway Patrol routinely uses aircraft, speed traps, pacing as well as radar and laser guns to monitor one’s speed. Aside from issuing criminal citations, the entire county is also not shy about issuing moving violations as well. In the last year citations were issued for running a red light, failure to stop at a stop sign, as well as careless driving. There is no question about it, Bay County law enforcement agencies are tough. If you have been issued a criminal violation or a moving violation please call our offices, you will want to do so before you have to deal with the 14th Judicial Circuit.


The Bay County Courthouse is Panama City, Florida, which is also the county seat. The county has 4 judges at the present time. These are Judge Shane R. Vann, Judge Timothy C. Campbell, Judge Thomas F. Welch and Judge Joseph F. Grammer III. Our experienced team of lawyers can help you with your legal battles before you need to go before any of the above the listed judges. In some cases, depending on the nature of your violation(s), you may not even have to appear in court. Call us today at 1-800-Fight-It and see how we can help you.


If you have been cited in the following cities, we can help. We cover cases in Callaway, Cedar Grove, Lynn Haven, Mexico Beach, Panama City, Panama City Beach, Parker, Springfield, Hiland Park, Laguna Beach, Lower Grand Lagoon, Pretty Bayou, Tyndall Airport Base, Upper Grand Lagoon, Bayou George, Fountain, Santa Monica, Southport, Sunnyside, Vicksburg and Youngstown.

Legal Resources For Bay County

  • Bay County Sheriff’s Office

3421 NORTHHWY.77 Panama City, FL . ( 850) 747-7400

  • Lynn Haven Police Department

1412 Penn Ave. Lynn Haven, FL. (850) 265-4111

  • Panama City Police Department

1209 East 15th Street. Panama City, FL. (850) 872-3198

  • Mexico Beach Police Department

P.O. Box 13425. Mexico Beach, FL (850) 648-4579

  • Springfield Police Department

P.O. Box 3717. Springfield, FL (850) 872-7545

  • Bay County Courthouse

300 E 4th St.#107, Panama City, FL (850) 747-5100

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