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Southwest Counties

Sarasota County


Sarasota County is part of the Tampa metropolitan area. The county is quite large and has an estimated population of around 367,000. The county has several law enforcement agencies with the main one being Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. The other law enforcement agencies that assist the sheriff's office are Longboat Key Police, North Port Police, Sarasota Police, and Venice Police Departments. Like most of the counties in the state, all the law enforcement are also assisted by Florida Highway Patrol. Sarasota County is very aggressive and the law enforcement agencies are not shy about issuing criminal or moving violations.


Last year over 40,000 moving violations were issued. It is no surprise, due to the proactive approach of Florida Highway Patrol, that more than half of these were due to unlawful speed. All of the agencies will employ the use of all the latest technological advancement and use all approved speed measuring devices in hopes of catching as many motorists as possible. Sarasota County has a zero tolerance on drivers who may driving under the influence. Sarasota County is tough on these drivers, and due to this reason we have a team of dedicated lawyers who work exclusively on DUI defense in Sarasota. Please call our office at once at 1-800-fight-it, so we can discuss the particulars of your case.


Sarasota County is part of the 12th Judicial Circuit. The county has 5 judges at the current time. These are Judges, Kimberly Bonner, David L. Denkin, Phyliss R. Galen, Judith M. Goldman and Emanuel Logalbo, Jr. The county has 2 courthouse as well, and the main courthouse is located at 2000 Main Street in the county seat of Sarasota.


We cover all areas of Sarasota County, including Bee Ridge, Desoto Lakes, Englewood, Fruitville, Gulf Gate Estates, Kensington Park, Lake Sarasota, Laurel, Nokomis, North Sarasota, Osprey, Plantation, Ridge Wood Heights, Sarasota Springs, Siesta Key, South Gate Ridge, Sarasota, South Venice, Southgate, The Meadows, Vamo, Venice Gardens, and Warm Mineral Springs.


Legal Resources For Sarasota County

  • Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

2071 Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL. (941) 861-4081

  • Sarasota County Courthouse

2000 Main Street. Sarasota, FL. (941) 861-7400

  • Longboat Key Police Department

5640 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Longboat Key, FL. (941) 316-1977

  • North Port Police Department

4980 City Hall Blvd. North Port, FL. (941) 429-7300

  • Sarasota Police Department

2050 Ringling Blvd. Sarasota, FL. (941) 366-8000

  • Venice Police Department

1350 Ridgewood Ave. Venice, FL. (941) 486-2444


Monroe County


Monroe County is located to the south of Miami. Monroe County is home to such famous tourist hotspots as Key West and Key Largo, and is known as the Florida Key's. The population of the county is just under 8,000. There are 2 local police departments for the county, which are Key West Police Department and Key Colony Beach Department. Both of the police departments work aggressively with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and Florida Highway Patrol to ensure that all laws are being followed.


Law enforcement is very proactive in Monroe County. All of the agencies work together and all of them have a no tolerance policy for motorists who do not obey the posted speed limits. It is not uncommon in Monroe County to see speed traps set up in hopes to catch speeding motorists. In the last year, Florida Highway Patrol was responsible for more than half of the 20,000 moving violations that where issued. Most of these were for unlawful speed.


Monroe County is also very tough on motorists who drive while under the influence. The Key West Police Department has a dedicated squad who’s sole purpose is issue citations and make arrests for DUI. If you have been arrested for a DUI or have received any other citation in Monroe County, please call our offices at once. We are a team of experienced lawyers, who will fight hard for you. We can be reached at 1-800-fight-it.


Monore County is part of the 16th Judicial Circuit and the county seat is located in Key West. The 4 judges of the county are Judges, Ruth Becker-Painter, Peary Fowler, Wayne M. Miller, and William Reagon Ptomey.


We cover all of Monroe County which includes, Key West, Marathon, Key Colony Beach, Layton, and Village of Islamorada Stock Island, Big Coppitt Key, Cudjoe Key, Big Pine Key, Duck Key, Tavernier, Key Largo, North Key Largo, Flamingo, Bay Point, and Sugarloaf Shores.




Legal Resources For Monroe County

  • Monroe County Sheriff's Office

5525 College Road. Key West, FL. (305) 296-2424

  • Monroe County Courthouse

500 Whitehead St. Key West, FL. (305) 292-3350

  • Key Colony Beach Police Department

600 West Ocean Drive. Key Colony Beach, FL. (305) 743-5380

  • Key West Police Department

1604 North Roosevelt Blvd. Key West, FL. (305) 809-1111


Lee County

Lee County is part of the 20th Judicial Circuit. There are 8 different judges who will presie over all criminal and moving violations. The judges of the county are as follows, James Adams, John Duryea, Josephine Gagliardi, Maria Gonzalez, Leigh Frizzel Hayes, Archie Hayward, Tatra Pascotto Paluck, and Radford Sturgis. The county seat for Lee County is Fort Meyers.


We can help people who have may be facing criminal charges or any other traffic violations. We have a team of dedicated lawyers that will work with you. Please call our office today at 1-800-Fight- It, so we can discuss the particulars of your case.


We handle cases in all of Lee County which includes Alva, Boca Grande, Bokeelia, Buckingham, Burnt Store Marina, Captiva, Charleston Park, Cypress Lake, East Dunbar, Estero, Fort Myers Shores, Gateway, Harlem Heights, Iona, Lehigh Acres, Lochmoor Waterway Estates, Matlacha, Matlacha Isles-Matlacha Shores, McGregor, North Fort Myers, Olga, Page Park, Palmona Park, Pine Island Center, Pine Manor, Pineland, Punta Rassa, San Carlos Park, South Fort Myers, St. James City, Suncoast Estates, Three Oaks, Tice, Villas, and Whiskey Creek.


Legal Resources For Lee County

  • Lee County Sheriff's Office

14750 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy. Fort Myers. FL. (239) 447-1000

  • Lee County Courthouse
  • Justice Center, 2nd Floor
    1700 Monroe Street. Ft. Myers, FL. (239) 533-5000
  • Cape Coral Police Department

815 Nicholas Pkwy. Cape Coral, FL. (239) 574-0666

  • Fort Myers Police Department

2210 Widman Way. Fort Myers, FL. (239) 321-7700

  • Sanibel Police Department

800 Dunlop Road. Sanibel, FL. (239) 472-3111


Hendry County


Hendry County is located in central south west Florida area. The county is located east of Fort Meyers. Hendry County has seen a fair amount of growth in the recent years and the current population of the county is said to be around 39,000. The county has 2 major police departments, but the primary law enforcement of the county is the responsibility of the Hendry County Sheriff’s office. The 2 police departments are Clewiston Police Department and the La Belle Police Department. All of the law enforcement in Hendry County is very proactive and they also work side by side with Florida Highway Patrol.


Hendry County see's a lot of motorists each year as they pass through the county to get to their destination. Due to this fact the Florida Highway Patrol is known to be very aggressive. The majority of the close to 4,000 citations issued in the past year where for unlawful speed. Hardee County employs a variety of methods to clock one's speed. These can include the use of radar and laser guns, pacing, speed traps and other approved measures for catching motorists who have been speeding. Aside from the moving violations that were issued in the past year, the law enforcement teams of the area have been responsible for issuing over 2,000 criminal citations. These can include driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license as well as many other criminal infractions.


Our team of experienced lawyers have been handling cases for people in Hendry County for several years. We have become very familiar with the county's only judge as well as the law enforcement personnel. If you are facing charges in Hendry County, please call our office at anytime at 1-800-Fight-It, to discuss your case. There is no obligation to speak with us.


Hendry county is part of the 20th judicial circuit. The county judge is Judge James Sloan. The county seat, which is also the location of the courthouse, is located in La Belle.


We have been successful serving residents of Hendry County which includes Clewiston, Harlem, Labelle, Port La Belle, and Felda for years now. Call us today.



Legal Resources For Hendry County

  • Hendry County Sheriff's Office

101 South Bridge Street. La Belle, FL. (863) 674-4060

  • Hendry County Courthouse

25 East Hickpochee Avenue. La Belle, FL (863) 675-5217

  • La Belle Police Department

101 S.Bridge Street La belle, FL (863) 674-5600

  • Clewiston Police Department

205 West Ventura Avenue.  Clewiston, FL. (863) 983-1474



Glades County

Glades County is a rural county that is located within central Florida. It has been reported that the population of Glades County is just over 10,000. The county has one police department which is the City of Moore Haven Police Department. As with most counties within Florida, the county's police department works side by side with Florida Highway Patrol and the local sheriff's office to aggressively enforce the laws. In the last year, the law enforcement agencies have been responsible for issuing over 5,000 moving violations. That is more than half the population of the entire county. One can see how serious the law enforcement officials of Glades County are about catching as many motorists as possible.


Florida Highway Patrol has been single handily responsible for issuing half of those citations. These citations range from speeding, driving without a license, driving with a suspended license and many other moving violations. If you have been issued a citation in Glades County, do not delay and call our offices today. Our lawyers have been serving the people of Glades County for many years and are very familiar with the county's only judge as well as the law enforcement personnel.


Judge Jack E. Lundy is the county judge for the entire county. Glades County is part of the 20th judicial circuit, and one will find the courthouse located in the county seat which is Moore Haven.


Our law firm can handle any criminal citation issued for DUI, reckless driving, aggressive driving, driving without a valid license, leaving the scene of an accident as well as other criminal and moving violations. Every one's case is different, so please call us at 1-800-fight-it to discuss the particulars of your case. We cover the county of Glades which includes Buckhead Ridge, Moore Haven, Lakeport, Palmdale, Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation, and Muse.


Legal Resources For Glades County

  • Glades County Sheriff's Office

1297 E. State Road 78. Moore Haven, FL. (863) 675-1144

  • Glades County Courthouse

500 Avenue J. Moore Haven, FL. (863) 675-1100

  • Moore Haven Police Department

500 Avenue J. Moore Haven, FL. (863) 946-6032


Collier County

Collier County is located in southwest Florida is. Collier County is home to the infamous alligator alley runs. The county has 2 major local law enforcements agencies . These are the Naples Police Department and the Marco Island Police Department. Due to the popularity of the area, the police departments have teamed up with the Florida Highway Patrol to help enforce the traffic laws of the county. It is no secret that Collier County has a zero tolerance for speeding and are one of the most aggressive counties in the state.


The Florida Highway Patrol actually has an entire squad dedicated to catching motorists speeding right at Interstate 75 with particular emphasis on alligator alley. From using aircraft, to laser and radar guns the law enforcement of Collier County are determined to catch people who are not obeying the posted speed limits, along with many other moving violations. The Collier County Sheriff's Office is very active as well and in fact last year the sheriff's office was responsible for over 1,500 DUI arrests alone.


The county seat for Collier County is Naples, Florida. The county has six judges that one may have to go up against when it comes to dealing with your criminal and traffic violations. The entire Collier County is part of the 20th judicial circuit. The main courthouse is located at 3301 Tamiami Trail East in Naples. If you are facing charges of the criminal or traffic nature, our team of experienced lawyers can help. Give us a call today at 1-800-Fight-It to discuss the particulars of your case. It may even be possible for us to represent you in court, without you having to be present. One call to our office can help determine this, there is no obligation so you have nothing to lose.


We serve all of Collier County which includes the following locations, Everglades City, Marco Island, Naples, Ava Maria, Chocoloskee, East Naples, Golden Gate, Goodland, Immokalee, Lely Resort, Lely, Naples Park, Ochopee, Orangetree, Pelican Bay, Pine Ridge, Plantation Island, and Vineyards.


Legal Resources For Collier County

  • Collier County Sheriff's Office

3319 Tamiami Trail East Building J. Naples. FL. ( 239) 774-4434

  • Collier County Courthouse

3301 Tamiami Trail East. Naples. FL. ( 239) 657-2689

  • Naples Police Department

355 Riverside Circle. Naples. FL. (239) 213-4890

  • Marco Island Police Department

51 Bald Eagle Drive. Marco Island, FL. ( 239) 389-5050


Charlotte County

Charlotte County is located on the west coast of Florida. Current population estimates place the population for the county around 152,000. Charlotte County is home to Charlotte Harbor, which is a popular vacation spot. All of the law enforcement of Charlotte County work together to actively enforce the laws. Charlotte County as whole is very proactive and has said to be very aggressive. The only municipal department is the Punta Gorda Police Department. The Punta Gorda Police Department work closely with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Department as well as the Florida Highway Patrol. The police department and the sheriff's office spend their time primary dealing with criminal infractions that occur in the county and for the most part Florida Highway Patrol are responsible for traffic enforcement.


The last year alone, Florida Highway Patrol was responsible for issuing most of the 14,000 moving violations that have occurred in the county. The majority of these were issued for unlawful speed. Other citations included driving with a suspended license, driving without a valid license, as well as aggressive driving. The Florida Highway Patrol uses aircraft, speed traps and unmarked cars in attempts to issue as many traffic violations as possible. It is common in Charlotte County to see Florida Highway Patrol using motorcycles as well and also the use of speed traps is used. Charlotte County law enforcement officials have a zero tolerance policy on speeding and will use all approved speed measuring devices in hopes of catching as many speeding motorists as possible.


Have you received a criminal infarction or other charges that occurred in Charlotte County? We can help, if you call us today. The sooner you call us, the better chance you will have of being to able to defend your ticket or citation. Our number is 1-800-fight-it.


Charlotte County is part of the 20th Judicial circuit. The county seat for Charlotte County is Punta Gorda. The courthouse, sheriff's office along with Punta Gorda Police Department all reside within Punta Gorda. The courthouse is located at 350 E. Marion Ave in Punta Gorda. The county has 2 judges who are e Judge Peter A. Bell and Judge W. Wayne Woodward.


We cover cases in all of Charolette County. This includes, Punta Gorda, Boca Grande, Cape Haze, Charlotte Harbor, Charlotte Park, Cleveland, Englewood, Grove City, Harbour Heights, Manasota Key, Port Charlotte, Murdock, Rotonda, and Solana.


Legal Resources For Charlotte County

  • Charlotte County Sheriff's Office

7474 Utilities Road. Punta Gorda, FL. ( 941) 575-5211

  • Punta Gorda Police Department

1410 Tamiami Trl. Punta Gorda, Fl. ( 941) 575-5070

  • Charlotte County Courthouse

118 West Olympia Ave. Punta Gorda, FL. ( 941) 697-3551


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